Inspired by @lexie_elyse
  1. Series of Favorite Travel Spots In My Room
    I'm a bit NYC obsessed. This is one and two
  2. And here is three
    At least I have one non NYC pic in there. Even if it is of a famous one
  3. Another NYC Series
    Yes, I have an NYC obsession. Please don't try to cure it.
  4. These Gorgeous kiddos
    Captured in time years ago by the very talented @delorali This photograph makes people stop and say "wow, who took that?" All The Time. And I always brag "oh, my talented friend. You know, the one who has a photo in a magazine?"
  5. Gorgeous Kiddos Again
    In NYC, where else? We do actually travel to other places guys. But I just love this city so much
  6. Me And My Friends
    At the awesome Super Hero Bday Party they threw me last year. My friends are the best
  7. Me and @delorali with Sadie
    Sadie, the super cool Vespa, isn't featured in this pic. But this was taken the first time I met Sadie so we had to capture the moment
  8. One more of the Gorgeous Kiddos
    I had this one taken when they were itty bitty. My son insisted his hair look like that and I'm the kind of mom that allowed it. So here we have his act of individuality captured for the rest of our lives.