They are just here to pretend they are options
  1. LI.ST mute
    I have only ever muted one person and yet, I am greeted with their lists in my feed. I hate unfollowing or blocking but I know THAT works so I may have to resort to that
  2. Facebook- hide
    When I was on FB no matter how many times I hid someone they were like the freaking terminator and there was just no getting rid of them
  3. Twitter- block
    Okay to be fair this DOES actually work, but the people I blocked just make a new account to troll me with.
  4. Instagram report
    I wish Instagram took this seriously. Just a few years ago a friend of mine had someone who was posting pictures of her along with captions depicting what a horrible person she was and accusing her of all sorts of things she hadn't done. I reported that account to Instagram every day for months and nothing was ever done about it.