And how they proved me wrong. Inspired by my recent conversation with the incredible @hillary79
  1. Eminem
    Slim shady. My brothers played this song nonstop and I had just survived the vanilla ice debacle so I thought, here we go again. I was deeply wrong.
  2. Natalie Portman
    Hey when I'm wrong I AM WRONG. When I saw her in that Star Wars remake that no one likes to talk about, I was all "ugh. She's just a pretty face" but man I have been proven severely wrong over the years and she has absolutely gotten me screaming when she's been nominated for and won an Oscar
  3. Mila Kunis
    In that seventies show, I basically thought she was just playing herself. I know she's stuck mostly to romantic comedies. But she's done an incredible job of bringing true art to even the simplest roles, in my opinion.
  4. Justin Timberlake
    He was in *NSYNC you guys, give me a break if I didn't recognize his potential. Did I enjoy looking at him? Of course. Did I think he would go on to make music films that I would immensely enjoy? Not at all.
  5. Beyoncé
    I will be ashamed of this fact for the rest of my life. But she started out as Destiny's Child and I just don't hold boy or girl bands in high regard, obviously. But she is so much more than we had any idea and I am committed to her for ever.