1. Why don't aunts get "Aunty" leave?
    I mean, aunts need to be off work and spend time with the baby. The baby needs their auntie. So why am I not entitled to Aunty leave? Just look st him all wrapped up and missing auntie
  2. Why does the dr hate aunts?
    I had worked out my schedule perfectly so that I could be off work when the C-Section was scheduled two weeks ago. Then the dr decided the baby would be born "naturally". Two days ago the dr changed her mind and scheduled a c section without giving the aunties proper notice and I could not get off work. (Just look at how much he needs auntie!)
  3. Can Aunties bring the baby to work with them?
    I mean, even his cry is tiny and cute right now. I don't see what the problem is. My students would be fine with it. My co teachers would love it. The only person who would complain would be that one VP and no one cares what she thinks anyway.
  4. Can aunts have partial custody of the baby?
    I mean, my friend wouldn't need to have him like ALL the time. Just some of the time. A few hours a day will be fine. If that's too much then just a few days a week. I don't see what's so irrational about that.
  5. Okay I confess
    I'm asking for myself, there's no friend. But there could be. And just look how sad I am without the baby to hold today! Here's a picture without baby
  6. And look how happy I was with baby
    I realize I look a little bit like I'm going to kidnap him. But that's only because I really want to kidnap him. The baby needs to see my puppies. And play with his cousins. And the parents need their sleep.
  7. Last question,
    Do aunts get keys to the house? And if so,
  8. Do aunts have to announce themselves before coming over?
    I'm starting to wonder if this is why they live an hour away. So they can prevent the "drop in". Imma push that thought away and pretend it's not. All positive answers to these questions would be appreciated ASAP. When replying, think of this little face!!