Is there any other kind?
  1. Hi, my name is Karla
    And yup, that's my breast. I would introduce the two of you but I don't really name my breasts. Oh well, you're fine not knowing a name, you're just getting right in there.
  2. Tech "you seem ten years younger than you are. Based on your breasts I mean"
    Um...thank you? I don't really know what to say about that very awkward compliment
  3. "Oh wait, I got the wrong size film. Your breasts are much bigger than I expected based on your height"
    Um...thanks? I'm only five two but does that really affect breasts size?
  4. "I'm sorry if this is hurting a lot. Your breasts are pretty firm, this must be hurting a lot"
    Um...okay? Also, can we just stand here and not talk now?
  5. "Wow, it sure is raining hard out there"
    Yup. Let's talk about the weather. I'll just stand here with my breasts out. Also, it's freezing in here.
  6. "We have so many appointments today. I have to work really late"
    Geez. I feel like, super bad for you.
  7. "So you don't have kids? Oh, I couldn't tell you'd had children"
    Um...thanks again, I think? I can take of the gown and show you my stretch marks if you want.
  8. "Okay now that we tortured you for two hours, let me get the doctor in here to tell you what he found"
    Finally. Wait. Did you say "what we found". As in, you found something?! Oh crap. Can I at least cover my breasts before he comes in here to talk to me? Seems like a girl shouldn't hear that kind of news without her top on. No? Okay then. I'll just be in here with my breasts uncovered waiting for the awesome news...