And oh what a journey it has been
  1. So today a new baby was born
    As some of you may know. I was supposed to leave work at one and head to see him. But instead I had to stay at work until four.
  2. Wouldn't be so bad except the baby was an hour away
    And traffic at that time of the day kind of sucked, and my Rory had homework and was hungry and was in a terrible mood. And it was UGLY. It was an hour and a half of yelling. Crying. Things were said that were immature and ridiculous. And that was just me, I'm not even talking about the kids.
  3. And then we got there
    And he was so much tinier than I even expected. And he smelled wonderful. And I couldn't even look up to have my picture taken
  4. And my daughter was afraid to hold him
    But I made her, and she did great. Her brother stood behind her to offer moral support.
  5. And then we had to lay him down for a minute because his grandma said to
    And he was so sweet and cute sleeping all bundled up.
  6. But he looked lonely to me
    And so I picked him up and held him again. This time my kids insisted I look at the camera. I did it. I'm home now. But I want to go back right now. Why can't I get aunt leave? I might not get to go back out there until this weekend and it's too far away...he's so cute and soft and I can't stand it!!!