Before New Parents come Over with the Baby

  1. I wake up in a panic and realize I'm out of coffee
    (New parent status: they decided to visit papa on the way- they will head here at 11) I rush to the store, in PJs- don't judge me!!! I almost get killed by a crazy driver
  2. I come home and fit one weeks worth of cleaning
    Into thirty minutes again—-Don't judge me. (New parent status, its 1130 and they haven't left papa's yet)
  3. I get into a huge fight with my daughter
    I love her. But sometimes she decides to act like a teenager. We have an awful fight, I leave to get cash and then come home. (New parent status: they didn't pack enough formula, had to stop at Costco and are really, truly on their way)
  4. I make myself a second cup of coffee
    My daughter and I make up, I'm emotionally exhausted now. The baby is still not here. He's supposed to nap at three. I'm starved. I'm going to eat the baby (new parent status: they are not communicating)
  5. I'm learning about indivisible groups
    And eating my own hand off. (New parent status: THEY ARE NEVER GOING TO GET HERE!!!). *Pics added after a lovely day*