1. Catch up on political events
    I am so out of the loop right now
  2. Drinking
    I'll probably need to after learning what that bastardo has been up to
  3. Showing up announced
    Giphy downsized medium
    I really want to get a peek at the new kid one of my friends daughters is dating, and after being intoxicated to an embarrassing degree I might not be invited over
  4. Going out in public
    And looking somewhat decent, and then drinking more
  5. Gossiping
    To a reality tv star level, of course I might need to drink while I do this
  6. Spending so much time picking out food at the market
    My obsession with grocery shopping is borderline certifiable
  7. Listening
    I miss cooking and listening to my kid tell me about her day. I might need a glass of wine while I listen of course
  8. Cleaning out the closets
    I realize this doesn't make me sound too exciting but I hate clutter
  9. Catch up on pop culture events
    I feel like by the time I'm done with this test all my favorite celebrity couples will have broken up