Requested by @ECullz List request is one of the best features on list. It allows you to ask someone something about them that you want to know them better. Also, it can make someone (in this case, me) think about something they haven't really thought much about. So thanks @ECullz because I learned something new about myself.
  1. Owls
    I am highly curious about this mysterious bird. To be candid, I find them captivating. Growing up in Mexico they were considered the pet of witchcraft. So maybe it's my rebellious nature?
  2. Hawks and Eagles
    I know they're not the same bird, but it seemed like cheating to list them separately. I am fascinated with the way they soar. I envy their eye sight. Also, the precision with which they glide is inspiring.
  3. Cranes
    This birds are so elegant. I see quite a few of them in my neighborhood for reasons I haven't investigated. But no matter the frequency of these sightings, I still find myself stopping whatever I am doing to watch them.
  4. Hummingbird
    Spotting these birds is like spotting a mystical creature to me. I remember thinking that the winter of Peter Pan might have used them as his muses for Tinker Bell. The wings move so rapidly as if by magic, and I just can't imagine not feeling like you've been sprinkled with joy (fairy) dust when you encounter these.
  5. Cardinals
    I've grown quite fond of these since I've lived in my suburb. They are in my yard constantly. I haven't studied facts about them but have noticed that usually I don't see them travel in packs. Something about that strikes a chord with me. I like groups but also enjoy my solitude and also, red is my favorite color.