The Texas Sun Made Me Do It (This is my by plea by reason of Texas heat)
  1. Watch Every Bad Nineties Movie Ever
    It is a million degrees outside. I have binged watched all the good shows. And I can't read when my kids are up. So my daughter and I are watching ALL THE MOVIES with beautiful girls that are considered ugly at the beginning but magically get gorgeous with contacts. (As a glasses wearer I find this trait in movies very offensive!)
  2. Pay In Sweat
    Sorry for the gross mental image. Hopefully my shout out to "Fame" makes up for it. But seriously it was only eight thirty and I was walking my pups and it was misery.
  3. Forgot My Daughter
    Well...almost. I went out for the walks with the pups, the heat drained me of all energy. I sat in a heat induced coma and tried to recover. Then suddenly the time on the clock slapped me in the face and I had to rush to pick her up from cross country practice. If it wasn't across the street from my house I would have been late.
  4. Be a Bad Mom
    You know how some people get angry when they're hungry? This Texas heat makes me angry. Beyond all rational thought kind of angry. I snap at my kids, I roll my eyes, I become the child instead of the adult. It's ugly.
  5. Be no Fun To Go Out With
    I mean...I got all dressed up and did my make up and everything. I even straightened my hair. And then my face melted off on the walk from the car to the restaurant and I feel like I need to change my clothes and like I smell like I just ran a marathon. Who wants to go out with that person? Only crazy people, right?
  6. Whine and wine
    I am whining to all of you because I think my non virtual friends will break up with me if I whine about it anymore (and it's only July guys! Summer weather here lasts well into September. Sometimes even October). I am whining to my kids. To my puppies...I guess all there is left to do is drink more wine.
  7. Why I wear a shirt for driving and then change into a fresh shirt when I have arrived at my destination and even keep a third fresh back up shirt just in case.
    Suggested by @jonmichaelwxyz