Learned after a long day of shopping
  1. Wear comfortable shoes
    No, your new booties that you freaked over do not apply. Yes, your guy is six two but he knows how short you are so you just wear sneakers. Got it??
  2. Bring water
    You know you will get thirsty. And they have no bottled water at the shopping center so just bring the damn water already.
  3. Be patient
    The lines will be long. The people behind you will stand WAY too close to you and smack their gum. But BE patient
  4. Look for sales
    Don't let yourself buy anything at regular price today. You fought the crowds now reap the rewards
  5. Shop for yourself
    Don't just shop for others. Shop for yourself
  6. Buy things you don't own a million of
    Don't buy another shirt that looks like all the ones in your closet. Also, sleep on it before you buy another grey banana republic dress.
  7. Most of all, have fun
    It's fun to go shopping. Don't make it stressful. It's fun to go shopping...