Yes, I know it's not December yet
  1. I try
    To finish before the 19th. I like to spend my Christmas break relaxing!
  2. I got my dad three shirts
    He's very particular so it took way longer than I expected. But after scouring ten stores I found some I think he will approve!
  3. I got my Bestie some Bath Stuff
    She works so hard and never takes time to herself. I'm adding a bottle of wine and a movie and hopefully she will make the time. Right now her stuff is in a gift bag but I'm thinking of getting her a bath basket to put it all in.
  4. I got my SIL a scentzy
    She loves those. Also, it has army men as decor so it's perfect for the military wife.
  5. I got my son a new hoodie
    My one Black Friday purchase. It was half off and surprisingly the store wasn't busy so it was painless!
  6. I got my other SIL
    A scarf, some gloves and a hat. She gets cold when it's seventy one degrees out so...
  7. Got three shirts
    For my niece and two nephews. They are very much into Texas and matching so I got them all Ranger shirts.
  8. I got my mom some earrings and a bracelet
    She is the most difficult person to shop for. Got the earrings at tiffanys this summer and the bracelet is one my daughter picked out. All I can do is hope she will love them and not just say she does and leave them in her jewelry box all year!
  9. I got my secret santa...
    Right! Like I'm going to be telling you that! But let's just say I got that person some stuff and am almost done and can't wait to ship it. I love giving gifts!