It's an official holiday guys!
  1. Today is the Saturday after thanksgiving
    Around here that is known as Christmas tree day. The first Christmas after my divorce, my ex was unable to go get the tree with us.
  2. So I had it fastened to my Honda Civic
    But I guess not fastened well. Because one turn and the tree was slipping off the roof.
  3. The kids were so panicked
    I joked and told them the tree was trying to plant itself in the middle of the street, since in Mexico Christmas decorations are all over. I told them the tree must be Mexican.
  4. He's joined us every year since
    I didn't often make him feel "heroic", but he feels like a hero keeping the tree from falling off the car
  5. And decorating the tree is my thing
    I collect these LI bien ornaments. A student gave me my first one my first year of teaching. And I have bought one every since that first day. As fate would have it, that student has a sister my daughter's age. And one day those two girls had a class together in seventh grade. And they are now best friends. So her family gets me a LI bien ornament every year. But I still buy one. And I buy one more for someone different every year.
  6. I love snow men and Santas
    They are hard to find! But I go out every year and scour the stores for them. Sometimes my tree has been naked. But I prefer that to a tree full of ornaments I don't love
  7. And now get ready for the lists about my Christmas village
    I can't help it! I love Christmas!