I've got these voices fighting it out to be heard, swag.
  1. My Heart
    I'll be honest, I don't listen to this one much, not when it comes to relationships anyway. She is pretty easy to spot. When she starts talking some incredibly ridiculous stuff comes out. Like "sure, you should actually do that thing that is bad for us with that guy we fell in love with and who broke our hearts". Seriously, this girl needs to toughen up or get out. The next time she quotes a silly love movie she's getting throat punched.
  2. My Cynisism
    This one is pretty obnoxious. Like, girl, you have to settle down once in a while. Not everything needs to be treated with severe speculation. You are the stuff that drove X-File fans insane with Dana Scully. I do have to give this girl some credit though. That heart I just mentioned has made some insane decisions so who can really blame her?
  3. My Cold Side
    this one is getting tricky to spot. She's gotten pretty smart in her wise age. She's to the point that she disguises her logic with masked emotion and I end up thinking I'm not making a completely selfish choice. Which lets me say "this is who I am when it comes to my romantic endeavors". I tell myself it's okay since I'm upfront about it. But when you find yourself making sure the writer to 500 Days Of Summer isn't an might be a little too cold hearted.
  4. My Passionate side
    What can I say, this one wants what she wants when she wants it. I know she's incredibly wild and gets me into all sorts of trouble when I listen to her She is fun. And while she is also very, very dangerous and throws caution to the wind way too much, I'm not one too argue too strongly.
  5. My Fear
    She does an awesome imitation of all of them, so she's the best one at getting me to fall for her ways. She is also good at pointing out all my flaws. And she is quite convincing. Maybe it's because deep down I know most of my fears are actually pretty logical. Like, how long can people actually put up with my Cold Side, my Passionate Side and my cynical side all getting mixed up all the time?
  6. My Logical side
    She encourages me to eat healthy, work out, cut out toxic people and behaviors. Sure she's kind of boring when she makes me go to bed early and only have a couple of glasses of wine at a time. But most of the time this chick knows what's best for me. I seriously need to drown out all the other voices and listen to this one. Like, ALL the time. Of course, if you mix them all together you get a pretty dirty martini. And aren't dirty martinis the perfect, James Bond drink?