Confrontations I've had this weekend

  1. With my mom
    About coming over on a Friday night (unannounced) and then staying for dinner (which I hadn't prepared for) and then making rude comments about my lack of preparation
  2. With my ex SIL
    Not the one I see all the time and love. The other one, who I have never seen eye to eye with and keeps inviting the wicked step mom to gatherings where my children will be. (My kids are not allowed to be around her, I even have the court order) I basically had to tell her the kids won't be going to family functions if she is inviting the step mom
  3. With my kids
    Who didn't do their chores this week and now the house is DISGUSTING and I'm not spending my day cleaning. I just won't
  4. With my neighbor
    Who was supposed to help with the fence this weekend and wouldn't answer my calls or texts. I feel like I should start drinking now, what I need is everyone to be silent