1. And I woke up in a full blown panic attack
    Three am. Tears down my face. Shaking.
  2. And I tried to calm my thoughts by mediating with a cup of tea in my backyard
    It didn't work. But I had a much needed cry
  3. And it's my moms bday today
    And she's refusing to celebrate. Not the right time, she said. Let's wait a little. I need time, she said.
  4. And then my son woke up
    And he couldn't find me. And he was scared to death. He's usually upstairs all morning. But right now he needs to see me first thing in the morning. And I understand
  5. And I'm still mourning
  6. And I'm still scared
  7. And I'm still grateful to all of you
    Because the first list I saw gave me hope. Gave me encouragement. Gave me love. My Accountability List: Help Someone New, Every Single Day
  8. And I hope all of you will understand
    And keep supporting us. And keep getting us through the rough mornings.