1. I've read your lists today
    And I think you should know
  2. Depression hurts everyone
    Not just the people who knew the person who lost their life to depression
  3. Not just the family members
    As the sister of someone who has tried to take her life multiple times, yes, it does hurt the family
  4. But just know
    You don't have to be related to feel the pain
  5. You don't even have to be a close, personal friend
    Suicide is hard. It's awful. It's gut wrenching, life changing, tormenting.
  6. But you're entitled to your pain
    Please know.
  7. You're entitled to your pain
  8. And you weren't to blame
    You could have been supportive, loving. Understanding and held her hand. But depression is hard to beat. Try me, I have been trying to defeat my sisters depression for thirty years. It's not your fault. Please know that. Hugs to you all.