Describe the year your were born without using numbers.

Inspired by @HikerGirl60 and a lot of you crazy kids, @lexie_elyse did you start this wave?
  1. Prince "Dirty mind" came out
    Yass!!! This album wasn't allowed in Mexico, my cool aunt got it in El Paso. I'm told I really liked it when she played it
  2. This was in style
    YUCK. Did people really wear this? This is an actual ad...I haven't been told how I felt about this as a baby but I liked to think I spit up on anyone who actually wore this
  3. This guy was president
    He was "elected" a few years before I was born. I haven't been told how I felt about him as a baby but I like to think I cried when he came on tv
  4. Empire Strikes Back
    This almost wasn't shown in Mexico. It took years for the first Star Wars to actually be shown in a Mexican theatre. But I'm told this was my first film. My family went to El Paso to watch it. I'm told I was awake the whole time and didn't make a sound.
  5. Fire starter by Stephen King
    The book came out, not the movie. But how can I not use the movie cover? I'm told I wasn't read this book when I was a baby but I have my suspicions. All I'm saying is, it would explain a lot.