Or rather famous people I know
  1. The band
    Oh you thought I was going to name names? Like I could ever do that! But I can say this. The band has had its ups and downs
  2. When I first met them, they were just some guys
    Some guys who lived near my best friend in this little college town. And I visited and listened to them play songs in her living room. The first live show they booked in their town, there were only five of us in the audience.
  3. Then they got discovered
    And things got wild. Their record got released. It immediately became a local hit. And then, suddenly, these boys were famous. I still remember the first time I heard their music on the radio. Have you seen "that thing you do"? Picture that scene with Liv Tyler but with me almost wrecking my car and then pulling over to listen to the song with tears down my face while my phone wouldn't stop ringing. Calls from the five of us who had been at their first show.
  4. I don't go to their shows anymore
    It's too weird. Having teen age girls scream the names of the boys who are just boys you knew. To have security try to block your way when you are just waving at one of your favorite friends in the band. I will say it was super cool when the band members saw this happening and literally stopped signing cd's to jump over and tell the security guard "hey idiot, she's with us!"
  5. Sometimes I feel like their older sister
    I like to tell them I discovered them. I did believe in them from the beginning but, so what? That doesn't make me cool or anything. I just liked their music.
  6. Other times I feel like a nagging mom
    I don't want to see them on the news for some stupid stunt. I threaten to divulge all their secrets if they ever make me ashamed of them.
  7. They have been through a lot
    Made some mistakes. Grown up some. Evolved in their writing and called along the way to run lyrics with me the way they always did in the good old days. And yet, they have always been there for me. Called when I lost my best friend to cancer. Called when I got divorced. Their music has helped me through some tough times. Some of their lyrics might have maybe been created to do just that.
  8. They've been on tv
    Gone platinum. I've seen their band shirts worn by kids I'm teaching and no matter how often it happens it still tends to stop me mid sentence. I don't think I'll ever get used to it.
  9. There was someone famous who really loved their music
    And she made them even bigger for a while and it was surreal. They got really busy for a while and we didn't talk much and I missed them terribly. But I still had their music to blare when I got lonely and knew they were always only a phone call away.
  10. They're good guys
    I wish them the best. Mostly I just want them to keep writing. Keep creating music that means something. Keep speaking to people like me through their craft. I hardly ever tell anyone that I know them. One of them came to visit me a few years ago and we were having lunch and he got recognized and man. The way that girl looked at me was a high. But it's one I'll never exploit, they're my friends and they trust me. It's a trust I won't betray.
  11. Their lyrics are amazing to me
    And I could tell you what each one is in reference to and some of you might be impressed and think I'm cool for knowing them. Others might think I'm bragging. Others might be all, who even cares? They tease me that I'm secretly ashamed of them and that's why I keep them a secret, I tell them it's true to keep them from getting all cocky on me. Maybe this list is bragging in of itself? All I know if I gave out their name, even I would hate me.