Favorite cities in Mexico

  1. I don't have pics for any of these but wanted to share anyway
    Sadly I guess mom didn't take pics when we traveled as kids. But this city was so beautiful I have never forgotten it
  2. Monterrey
    I went there SO many times as a kid and was always taken aback by its beauty
  3. Guadalajara
    So much beauty
  4. San Luis Potosí
    The waterfalls are spectacular
  5. Ixtapa
    My absolute favorite beach in Mexico. If you have only gone to places like Cancun, I feel you are sorely missing out
  6. Mexico City
    Cathedrals and monuments and also modern sky scrapers. This city is everything
  7. Mayan Ruins
    Not a city, but I feel like the ruins need their own section
  8. Morelia, Michoacán
    This city, its beaches, its culture...it will always have my heart