Requested by @Boogie This one is hard, because being an English major I try not to sound like I'm using "fancy" words. So how about I list the words I try not to use? Although, full disclosure, they do come out the more comfortable I get around you
  1. Mollify- to soothe or calm.
    I have been known to throw this word into casual conversation after a glass or two of wine.
  2. Magnanimous- kind, giving.
    I might have purposely used this word to annoy my ex. It worked wonders.
  3. Dichotomy- difference/separation.
    Do not know why but this is one of my favorite words. It just sounds so romantic to explain the "dichotomy" between a characters negative traits and his positive ones.
  4. Umbrage- to anger
    I actually lived in such an English major world in college that it was a long time before I found out this wasn't a common word.
  5. Inebriated- drunk
    Come on, it just sounds so much better than drunk. I can say I'm feeling inebriated and feel like I'm being an adult rather than a person who drank way too much. Again.
  6. Insidious- seemingly harmless but actually damaging
    I really enjoy using this word to describe the actions of people who have hurt me. It makes them sound like villains in my life.
  7. Luminous- full of light
    If I love you dearly and we drink too much wine together, I am probably going to tell you how luminous you are. If you're incredibly lovely, I might say it to you when I'm completely sober!
  8. Simpatico- nice
    I like this word so much because it means the same thing in Spanish and English. I get very frustrated when I hear it misused (I hear it misused a lot). But I thought I would throw it in here to say this- it was very simpatico of @Boogie to send me this interesting list request. I enjoyed writing it, so thanks!