Love, love, love
  1. The day to make kiss
    If what you really want this Valentine's Day is to make kiss, then the one and only @stevecady will give you all the best tips on how to achieve it.
  2. Alternate endings to every relationship I've ever been in
    @p takes us to a much needed alternate universe for those who will be spending Valentine's Day dissecting every bad relationship you ever had
  3. How to be a scammer in ten days
    During this month when even a stick of gum is severely over priced, here is a stick it to the man by @jacqueline
  4. Why I dared mock Aaron Rodgers and avocado toast
    When you play hockey and tower over all of us, you speak your mind about the important issues. Like avocado toast. A heart wrenching editorial by @Jakes
  5. Best things I saw on the women's march
    Written by all the women of list who took up this cause. To name a few that I saw @Dashelamet @blanelly @notme @stephani @azilat @HeatherTilert @kate81 @MissJess @catherinenester @marykathryn @gabimoskowitz @lexie_elyse @aliciamcelhaney please please tag any of the other lovely, inspiring ladies that I might have left out
  6. Favorite shows to watch this year
    @andersun will give you a list of the best shows to watch either with your valentine or while sobbing into the over sized bear you bought yourself
  7. Swim in the aquarium and find the Bday fishes (Aquarius/Pisces bday shout outs)
    bday babies feb.6- @BlaiseTheGuy feb. 9- @BlueSeaGlass feb12-@catherinenester Feb.14- @jstncwlcx @maklang Feb17- the list paris Hilton, aka @jennifergster and the boy version which is @McTodd because he was born on the same day Feb.18- @kate81 (happy bday sweet lady!!) feb21- @designordie @jennifer1482 Feb28-Jodiehoklas who is the list version of Emily Gilmore, AKA Kelly bishop (bday keeper @Boogie thanks for the edit! I made epic fails on the January bday list!)
  8. Galentines Day
    Everyone's ideal BFF will teach you how to spend Galentines day in style. Either because you don't give a fuck or because you're busy fighting off your many suitors. If all else fails she might even let you shed a tear into her jar of tears. @marymurphy reports