1. A.J. Langer
    I thought she was fun, cool, beautiful and strong. I watch the show now and think she is one messed up kid
  2. Angela Chase
    I understood Angela so much. The girl wanting to reinvent herself, raging against being the good kid she'd always been. Now I'm like, she's kind of a self involved kid who is putting her mother through so much and putting herself in some bad situations
  3. Jordan Catalano
    In rewatching it he seems kind of spaced out. Can't believe I didn't see this when I watched this as a kid. I mean, I still love him of course. Jordan Catalano for Evah
  4. Graham Chase
    I kind of thought, he's making some bad life choices but is still a really good person. Now I'm watching it and think how exhausting it would be to be married to a man like that
  5. Party of five, Claudia
    I loved her. Thought she was smart, funny, talented and mature. In rewatching the series I am thinking she is still all those things but also kind of a jerk
  6. Party of five, Julia
    I really identified with her growing up. I only watched a few of the episodes but thought she was vastly misunderstood by her family. Now I'm like, man, she was kind of a pain in the neck and a bit of a selfish brat
  7. Party of five, Bailey
    Everyone I knew that watched this show just loved bailey. But he seriously broke up with a girl because she didn't want to have sex. What the hell?