Inspired by @marginally_amazing (my muse)
  1. Earthquake in Mexico City, 1985
    I remember my mom watching a morning show (like a Mexican version of the today show). And she thought there was something wrong with our television. Because suddenly the image was blurry
  2. When it came back on we found out there had been a huge earthquake in Mexico, D.F.
    My mom was not one for tears. I remember her standing very still. And then she told me that she would be taking the day off work. My mom never took a day off work. That's when I knew it was serious. I didn't know it at the time, or if I did I didn't understand it. But it was an 8.5 on the Richter scale.
  3. My friends and I walked to school, but everyone was quiet and the teachers were solemn.
    We had a morning assembly and the teachers combined most of the classes. A lot of teachers had family in Mexico City. Our country was mourning the damage to its iconic Capitol.
  4. We Saw Support From All Over the World
    The First Lady, Nancy Regan, visited the survivors and brought $1 million dollars in aid. I remember watching her on the news and thinking how incredible that someone that poised could care enough to come visit our country in its time of need.
  5. It Was The First Time I learned
    About strength. About loss. About the way people can show how United they are in a time of tragedy. About how things can be rebuilt after they have been torn down. Years later, when I visited this city and stood in the cathedral we almost lost to the earthquake, I was reminded of the way people can band together in a time of tragedy.