Freaky Friday

  1. I know it's Thursday but here's the thing:
    There's no classes for kids tomorrow and I'm working from home tomorrow so it's my Friday. I came to work dressed in jeans and then realized halfway here that it's actually a Thursday so I almost turned around for fear I would get in trouble
  2. Then I stop at Starbucks
    When I come out there's a car identical to mine parked next to mine and for a moment I seriously didn't know which one was mine
  3. Then I get to work and the lights are on in my room
    And there's a sub in there, and I'm like "hey girl" cause it's one of my favorite subs and I'm like "what are you doing here?" And she's like "what are you doing here?" She's here to sub for me. I'm here to work...
  4. The system has her assigned to me
    This day is freaky...but maybe the system is just trying to give me the day off? Maybe I should just leave quietly?