If you're an annoying English major who enjoys divulging these facts to the torture of people who "frankly, my dear, don't give a damn"
  1. The Bronte Sisters
    Wrote beautifully crafted love novels despite never having been in a relationship. The three sisters shared a cabin and dreamed of falling in love at the time that Wuthering heights was written.
  2. Margaret Mitchell
    Wrote Gone With The Wind while she was bedridden with a broken leg. She had no intention of ever publishing it and her best friend submitted it behind her back.
  3. Emily Dickinson
    Carried on a daily correspondence with a reverend. Details of their relationship are highly speculated but not known, as is everything with ms. Dickenson. They do say that after he moved away she went from a semi recluse to completely never leaving her house again. But I think people like to give the man in the relationship way too much credit for things.
  4. Charles Dickens
    Had epilepsy. As a child he suffered many beatings because his condition was undiagnosed and they thought he was throwing a tantrum
  5. Harriet Beecher Stowe
    When president Lincoln met her, he said to her "so you're the little girl who started the big war?"
  6. Tolkien and CS Lewis were college room mates
    And C.S. Lewis was an atheist. And his room mate respectfully shared his faith with him and they had philosophical debates long into the night. And then C.S. Lewis became a devout Christian with a view of Christianity that is very much like what I believe.
  7. Mark Twain
    Was born right after a Halley's Comet appeared. He always said he wanted to die shortly after the next one. He died seventy four years later. The day after Halley's Comet appeared again.