1. Vacations are nice. Wonderful in fact
    This week I watched all the shows movies ate at every restaurant saw most of my friends and spent so much time with the bf that I am feeling like my tummy and my heart are full
  2. But today I got back to the real world
    Grocery shopping meal planning house cleaning and just life
  3. My brothers did an amazing thing
    When they heard I was sick and still planning on installing my own hardwood floors this weekend they drove up here and did it for me. How amazing is that?
  4. My friend had her mastectomy and reconstruction surgery
    It was a loooong day and it made me insane to be so far from her and I drove my best friends crazy with my worry. She's home and resting, they think they got all the cancer. Thanks so much to those of you who reached out and asked!!
  5. So it's back to the real world
    Getting life in order for the upcoming staar tests and the rest of the school year. Vacation was great and well earned and needed. So I'm back in the real world. "And I think to myself, what a wonderful world"