Or so I say to keep from screaming
  1. I'm forced to wear socks in public so my feet don't freeze
    Normally this is an only at night thing for me. But today I wore them out in public and it was fantastically comfortable
  2. Got to catch up on all celebrity related news
    Take your pick. I'm an expert now. I can answer anything about anyone famous after today. I can also catch you up on the best parenting tips in magazines.
  3. Had an excuse to lie down for an hour
    Because you know, waiting is always such fun. But at least I was lying down? Don't I look just so relaxed?
  4. Got to take the day "off"
    I got to work from home and skip all the meetings and such. I just stayed home, caught up on paperwork (for now) and rocked my comfy socks.
  5. Have an excuse to drink (again!)
    It's happy hour somewhere, I'm sure of it. So a bathtub, a glass of wine and a tub of ice cream are in my future!