Not saying I've done this stuff, just, you know...wondering if you have...
  1. Have any of you accidentally...
    Opted out of the confetti when you publish a list and now wish you could get it back?
  2. Looked everywhere for your phone while it was in your hand?
    Come on be honest!
  3. Spilled water on your shirt?
    And ended up looking like you were in a wet tshirt contest, not good to do at work. Especially when you're a teacher
  4. Reached for your lotion
    And rubbed it on your legs. But then it turned out to be the acrylic paint? And now your legs are white. And you and your co worker were watching trumps speech and she said "don't give into fear! Don't paint yourself white!"
  5. Had to use three bottles of hand sanitizer
    Just to get that paint off? But not fully. Kids were still asking "what's on your legs?"
  6. Showered with clothes on?
    Guys. Pregnancy can be hard on the brain. Don't judge me
  7. Driven to the airport?
    Like, subconsciously. I was supposed to be driving to the bridal shop and ended up at the airport. Looking back on it I think maybe it was a sign...