Holiday Party Behavior

That will make me not invite you again
  1. When you tell that one person
    You know, that one person I'm trying not to invite and that you know will go on Facebook and rant about not being invited? Why, just..why??
  2. When you don't eat my food
    Even though I made it clear I was cooking. Just. Go away.
  3. When you can't commit to plans
    Say yes or no, don't give me that "maybe" or "I'll let you know". We both know it means you won't come unless absolutely nothing better comes up so just do us both a favor and keep me from having to plan your vegan meal for no reason at all.
  4. When you ask if I will have "kid food"
    My kids will eat anything I eat, and people know this. But I am aware that not all kids are like that so if I invite the kids to come, yes, I will actually plan for it...
  5. When you don't make your kids behave
    And then of course, you're the last one to leave. It might very well have me putting on PJs and cheering when you leave. It's the one time in my life I wish I could just start breast feeding to make you uncomfortable and rush you out the door
  6. When you judge the drinkers
    Hey, it's a party. There will be alcohol and there will be lots of consuming it to insane levels. If you are uptight about that, maybe YOU need a drink