1. Am I supposed to be strong?
    And face a group of students who now live in a country that rewards hate
  2. Am I supposed to feel welcome?
    As a woman. As a Mexican. As a human.
  3. Am I supposed to support?
    This man who promotes sexual assault
  4. How can I call this man my president?
    That I now have to call president?
  5. How am I supposed to listen?
    To privileged people talk about unity? About moving on? About hope? When all I feel is pain? Rejection? Sadness?
  6. How am I supposed to know?
    Who I can trust? Who I can actually call my friend? LI.ST is the only site where I feel safe now. And yet I wonder how I can even LI.ST again. How can I tell myself my voice matters?
  7. How?