How I'll feel during standardized testing tomorrow

  1. Say it with me, standardized tests suck
    I can't have my phone all day so I will feel completely disconnected from the world
  2. I'll be stressed
    My kids aren't tiny anymore but I'll still worry that if something happens to them I won't know about it
  3. I'll be conjuring up crazy scenarios
    In which everyone I know will be planning fantastic things without me and also be finding out all my dark, hidden secrets
  4. I will be bored out of my mind
    I'm a hall monitor tomorrow so no fun at all
  5. I'll be homicidal
    I hate standardized tests
  6. I'll be cheering the kids on
    Even though the test is stupid
  7. I'll be drinking all the alcohol
    The minute I get home
  8. One day down
    That's all I wanted to add