How I spent my extra days off

  1. Took my niece to lunch
    Had to drag her out of the house because her boyfriend broke up with her and she was down
  2. Organized the linen closets
    Because it's what OCD people do
  3. Had a neurology appointment for my son
    Those are never fun, and also never not scary
  4. Took a ride with my SIL
    And was horrified with how fast she drives
  5. Bought my daughters dress for her NHS ceremony
    She's a bit frugal so I had to talk her into letting me pay a bit more for quality
  6. Drank a lil bit
    Spoke my mind about some stuff and not even sorry
  7. Bought some new art for my walls
    And I'm so excited to frame it
  8. Enjoyed my days off
    Felt like I was skipping work being out on a Friday and Monday like that. Loved it