How People Living in Texas Handle the "Winter"

Shamelessly grouping all Texans into this
  1. Torture the children
    My twelve year old son will attest to this. It hasn't even gotten really cold out yet. But for some reason the past few days have been freezing. Is it the wind? The rain? I don't know. But this doesn't feel like forty degrees, I promise!
  2. Live vicariously
    Through all of you people who live in states with real winters. And silently curse this ridiculous excuse for a winter Texas has. Okay in my case, not so silently.
  3. Eat beyond control
    Because "it's cold" and we are hibernating. Really we just want to eat all the pie.
  4. Get our kicks where we can get them
    We might not get snow. But we do usually get ice. And show me one kid who hasn't tried to talk at least one of their friends into this. My son successfully "double dog dared" his best friend to do it, okay his best friend needed no encouragement.
  5. Make the biggest deal
    At the first HINT of snow we run out and play in it. The winter before last we actually had snow and got like three days off school, and we played in the snow (something like three inches, ya' all!) (please excuse my use of ya' all, but it seemed appropriate for this list!)
  6. So please, enjoy your snow
    And post non stop pictures of it so I can live vicariously and dream about it. It's my Christmas wish to enjoy your snow through pictures!