To the death
  1. Make plans with a friend
    In today's case, always delightful @delorali Drag her to lunch with you and hold her hostage for hours. Also, make her take an unwilling selfie with you
  2. Write
    Not just lists, this time, but actually work on your novel. Stop with the excuses that there's not a single cool coffee shop near you. Go to the one that's a boutique and coffee shop, stop making excuses!
  3. Talk to someone lovely
    @marginally_amazing is the best person to chat with. This lovely lady always makes your day feel brighter. Also, it's her bday eve and she's taking time out to talk to you, so you're completely the luckiest lister ever!!
  4. Be kind to you
    Maybe it's immature and ridiculous. But give yourself a compliment. Take a selfie and don't criticize every aspect of how you look in it. Instead, own it and post it. Even be proud of it!