Inspired and requested by @ChrisK (sorry it took so long but your list was perfection so it set the bar high!)
  1. Be adventurous. About food, travel, anything. It's a fun way to live and a super attractive quality.
  2. Be affectionate. Nothing wrong with following your passions and letting yourself be swept away, even for a minute or two.
  3. Get dressed up when the occasion calls for it. Don't be afraid to wear a three piece suit...please don't be scared of that! Or wear that sexy suit or tux when we go to the orchestra. So much sexiness.
  4. Be a hermit sometimes. Binge watching, listening to music or reading together at home for days is a fun thing to do. Let me play with your hair or rub your back while we do this stuff and I am going to sing your praises.
  5. Be confident and independent. Those are two traits that will be greatly appreciated and that I will show appreciation for in every way I can.
  6. Quote literature, books or music. Showing your passion for things like this can only guarantee you will be showered with affection.