Inspired by @catherinenester
  1. America Ferrera
    I got to meet her once and we had the loveliest conversation. I so wish I could have hugged her that day but there was a table between us
  2. Amy schumer
    I read her book and I don't know, I feel like she might need a hug.
  3. Justin Theroux
    I just want to hug him. And if he wants to take his shirt off to do it then who am I to say no?
  4. Ellen
    I just really want to hug her and thank her for all she's done to inspire me, is that too much too ask?
  5. President Obama
    Can I hug him and place him back in the Oval Office where he belongs?
  6. Angelina Jolie
    So many people seem to be hating on her right now, and I feel like it's pretty hard being a mom and it sounds to me like she's just looking out for her kids so I just want to hug her.