But I'm not
  1. I'm divorced
    But I'm not unhappy, bitter, pining over my ex (even typing that makes me laugh!) or unable to love again
  2. Older
    But I'm not less fun, less adventurous, more responsible or less passionate
  3. A mother
    But I'm not self righteous, perfect, devoid of a fashion sense (I promise, it's actually an addiction) better than women who aren't mothers
  4. A friend
    But I'm not a door mat, to be taken for granted, one to be ignored
  5. In a relationship
    But I'm not unable to keep in touch with my friends, unable to have male friends, off in my own little world
  6. Political
    But I'm not illogical or blind or self serving
  7. A feminist
    But I'm not a man hater
  8. Honest
    But I'm not rude or use my honesty as an excuse to say hurtful things
  9. A drinker
    But I'm not an alcoholic
  10. An avid reader and an English major
    But I'm not a snob about it, I promise!
  11. Confident
    But not arrogant
  12. Kind
    But I'm not going to stay when I'm treated badly
  13. Happy
    But not always trying to put a positive spin on negative things (most positive people are able to clearly see things for what they are, in my opinion!)
  14. Trying to finish this list before I bore all of you
    But I'm not done thinking about all the things I could keep saying on this