But maybe NOT today
  1. I have all the kids with weird names today
    And they get so offended when I mispronounce them. Maybe if my parents had named me something odd I would have an attitude too
  2. Four and a half days
    Until the winter break. And it is not soon enough. These kids lost it in November
  3. Finding notes that are SO INNAPROPIATE
    Those kids are saying things that DO NOT mean what they think it means. And also, why are they saying these words they are in middle school???
  4. This is me
    ALL DAY long today. Be kind to teachers this week, guys. It's one of the longest weeks of the year...
  5. Three Minutes after I posted this list
    I saw two kids run out of the building. The day wasn't over yet guys. They were trying to jump the fence and skip their last period. They have lost it. I think all teachers should be excused from teaching now...