And all of you are to blame
  1. How did I grow up so fast?
    It seems like just months ago I was drafting my very first list. Wondering what the heck to write about and feeling quite lost and intimidated by the immense talent on here. @bjnovak is on here? Will he read my lists? Will he delete my account if I suck? What if he never knows I exist?
  2. The first few lists I was sure I was talking to myself
    Which is probably good, because all baby talk is pretty much impossible to understand. Unless you happen to be one of those parents who think they can discern the meaning of their newborns cries. And let's face it, those people are freaks.
  3. Then, suddenly, I entered into my toddler years
    @marginally_amazing @kcupcaker @mnickwrites @angela3950 @CookiesbyDave were there to hold my hand during those first, unstable steps as I learned to maneuver my way across this journey. And they are still here, guiding me and encouraging me like all good mentors do.
  4. And then time started just flying by...
    Suddenly I was into my twenties. Where did the list time go? It seemed like suddenly I was considered a grown up and my lists had consequences. There was that time I accidentally on purpose shared too much information. And then I kept doing it. And then I stopped worrying if my lists and comments were somewhat offensive. I just said what I wanted when i wanted to. Oh to be a young twenty something again...
  5. I should have probably taken a list etiquette class or something
    I mean, how else can I explain my especially bad behavior in my thirties and forties? Once I started nearing that fifties mark it started to dawn on me that..wow...people actually read these things. I guess it's time to like, actually say stuff...
  6. A hundred lists you guys
    I have ❤️ more lists than I can count (not a math teacher!) commented probably more than I have listed (or at least I hope so) And sometimes it feels like I haven't said a damn thing. Other times it feels I've said too much. This is an incredible network that I seriously can't say enough about. But sufficient to say, I am so happy to be here and grateful you guys haven't kicked me off this magical island yet because I'm having A BLAST