But it Is completely acceptable when they're related
  1. Coen Brothers
    The list of films they have made to make me love them is crazy long. But trust me, they love that I adore them both.
  2. The Wilson Brothers
    I just love their work. And maybe, just maybe, I have a favorite. But I'm not telling them who it is and they're not asking!
  3. The Hemsworth Brothers
    I know there's three of them. Since my worship of them is completely shallow I might as well admit I love two out of the three. Don't worry, this doesn't make family reunions awkward.
  4. The Manning Brothers
    I take turns rooting for both of them. So it's all very diplomatic.
  5. The Duffer Brothers
    I'm a sucker for talented men, what can I say? And right now I'm very sleep deprived because these two kept me up insanely late last night. And I'm anxious to do the same thing again tonight. In fact, I think they're calling my name now so...gotta go!