I'm holding you accountable
  1. We all had a voice
    A vote, a platform, a moment to choose the side of history we wanted to be on
  2. How you chose affected the outcome of this election
    It's the fact. Maybe not a pleasant one depending on which way you voted. But it's a fact
  3. I teach my students
    That they are accountable for their actions. That how they use their voice has consequences. That we are all responsible
  4. I will not hold an adult
    To a lesser standard than that
  5. Guess what, there is still time to do what's right
    You can start fighting now. You can start speaking out and get involved and fight to make this the country you want it to be
  6. Stop asking people not to " blame" each other
    That isn't the solution. And also, just so you know, I'm not "blaming" trump voters. I'm holding them accountable