Can I do it without crying?
  1. We are reading a play about Selma today
    And it's going to be hard not to cry. Let's face it, I probably will cry
  2. I have always teared up over him crow laws
    And especially the Selma march
  3. I'm playing Dr. Martin Luther Kings speech
    Which will only make me cry more
  4. I'm thinking about the march in Selma today
    About Bloody Sunday
  5. About marching without letting fear overtake you
    About courage
  6. About hope
  7. About change
  8. And I'm scared
    This is always a hot button day with my kids. Things get said. Ignorance manifests itself. Hatred is brought to light. And then I realize...
  9. What I'm doing today doesn't even begin to compare
    And if they could march, if millions of people could march this past Saturday, surely I can do this one thing. And maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to impress upon one kid
  10. One future voter
  11. The importance of marching
  12. The need to fight
  13. The severity
    Of their situation. Of our situation.
  14. The necessity
    Of making our voice heard