Inspired by @lenadunham
  1. Eating better
    I'm trying to eat more fish, veggies, etc. but I love red meat and desserts and cheese. So much cheese
  2. Not going to bed either crazy early or crazy late
    I'm stuck between bed time by 8 or staying up until midnight
  3. Not drinking too much coffee
    It's hard when you need your energy
  4. Working out five times a week
    I'm back up to three times a week, haven't made it back to five times yet
  5. Being assertive with my mom
    No matter how much progress I have made in this area I always have room for improvement here
  6. Not getting overly attached to a tv series
    I haven't watched many series in their entirety, but the ones I do I get overly attached to. And then I seriously mourn them when they end. I still haven't been able to watch the finale of GIRLS for this reason!