1. I noticed some of you are in the process of going
    I went three different times, the last time I actually committed to the process and went for three years. If you have questions or are just curious, feel free to ask me anything!
  2. How did you find your therapist? Was it difficult connecting?
    I've always found it hard to find one I connect enough with to really open up.
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  3. @talor I went through my insurance, so back then I had a limited list. But I also talked to people who had gone and ended up going to a highly recommended one
  4. @hillary79 i based it off insurance & recommendations. It was difficult to connect because I had a hard time letting people in
  5. @talor I honestly think I wanted to walk in, have her tell me I had no problems and walk out. It's funny because I told her what I thought I needed to work on but she saw my weaknesses immediately and cleverly got me to see it
  6. I'm so appreciative of your transparency with this. Do you have a particular goal or is this personal maintenance? Also, is it dual with a psychiatrist or just therapy?
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  7. At the time I was attempting to work through the abuse I suffered as a child. I do still practice the things she taught me (meditation, self reflection and confidence building exercises). When something huge happens in my life I will usually touch base with a therapist to ensure I'm on the healthy path. I didn't use a psychiatrist but I would have if I'd required medication
  8. @talor
    That is such a great question! She taught me to trust myself and to really look at things deeply. For months she had me keep a journal writing down encounters with people. She called it an anger journal. I had to rate how angry I was, how I handled it, how I wanted to handle it. I still remind myself to mentally do that now
  9. What did you confront or discover or answer that you think was the hardest?
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  10. @Jaycer17 i actually started hypnosis treatments after a year. And the hardest stuff to confront was all in my subconscious. Part of it was accepting that my fathers alcoholism had shaped all my relationships. I didn't want to accept that at all!
  11. @talor I did want to explain, when I first went to therapy I was put on meds. And they actually had a very adverse effect on me. So after that we didn't try the medicinal route since talk therapy and hypnosis worked