1. I want to say it's for writing
    Working on a novel and my dream is to have it published and in a library one day.
  2. But I'm more likely to be famous for reading
    I feel like I probably hold some kind of record for most books read or something
  3. Or for most dysfunctional family
    Giphy downsized medium
    You might feel like you can beat me on this one. I promise you, you can't. Like my students would say "if you want to go, let's go. Oh you want to go?"
  4. Weirdest behavior
    As a child, as an adult
  5. Most odd injury
    I've been known to be clumsy or oddly hurt from time to time
  6. Relationship choices that are difficult to understand
    Destructive and tragically romantic?
  7. contradictory behavior
    I can be quite cold when I need to be. Can also be too emotionally attached.
  8. My Wes Anderson obsession
    I might need help for this one but I don't want it