For your baby shower, chances are she will list about it to the "If you give a mouse a cookie" theme
  1. She will ask if she can start planning months in advance
    If you let her start planning in advance, chances are she will probably have even a binder. With tabs and dividers. And chances are, when she compiles the binder, she will ask you for a guest list...
  2. If you give her a guest list
    She will start searching on Pinterest. She will find a hundred themes she likes. But because she is a teacher, she will love the story book themed idea the best. She will ask you if you like it, and if you say yes she will start planning the menu. And chances are, if she starts planning the menu...
  3. She will ask if she can make meatballs.
    And if you let her make meatballs she will pair it with "Cloudy with A chance of Meatballs". And then she will ask if she can make tacos. And chances are...
  4. if you let her make tacos
    she will pair it with "dragons love tacos" and then she will ask if she can make a pasta salad and pair that with "Strega Nonna" and then she will ask if she can make pigs in a blanket and she will pair that with "3 little pigs". She will put Hershey kisses out for the kissing hand and cheese for stinky cheese man. And chances are...
  5. she will make a hungry caterpillar fruit tray
    And get a hungry caterpillar cake. And she will go out of control and ask people to bring books instead of cards. And she will ask if you want stuffed animals. And chances are if you let her give you stuffed animals
  6. She will pair them to the books
    And she will give you her sons' max from "where the wild things are", which will probably make you cry. (that may or may not be the ridiculously big mountain of gifts she got you sitting behind max because she couldn't stop shopping). Chances are she will help dry your tears
  7. And make you pose with your nieces
    And then you will cry again because you're pregnant and that's what pregnant women do. And she will ask if she can have all the pictures. And chances are, if you give her all the pictures...
  8. She will use them in her list
    Blow up her Instagram feed. And print them into a baby shower book for you to have as a memento. And she will ask if you need meals for when the baby comes home. And chances are, if you let her plan the meals out...she will start planning months in advance...