Isles that made me want to cry today

It's a grocery list!
  1. The Bread Isle
    It was narrow, packed and a delicate dance to get my stuff without brushing up next to anyone.
  2. The Cheese Isle
    It was so picked over. And I just want to cry because now my cheese tray seems pointless since I could barely find anything to put on it.
  3. The Produce Section
    I have never seen so many people clustered around this section before. I need my veggies so I went in like a ninja.
  4. The Meat Isle
    Apparently no one is eating meat so at least I found some food. Looks like I'll be a carnivore this week. And I made it through the crowd.
  5. The baking isle
    It got tense. Forget the hottest toy. The hottest baking item is karo syrup. My dad is lucky I love him because there might not be a home made pie tonight if I hadn't been committed. I never played football, but now I know I could jump in a huddle and go for the touchdown if needed.