About anything other than the truth
  1. About ambiguous dr appointments
    How can list about it when I don't even know what I'm dealing with or if there is anything to deal with yet?
  2. About Complete meltdowns in the middle of the grocery store
    I'm sure someone in my neighborhood already made their own version of a list about this topic. You're welcome for the free entertainment, by the way.
  3. About More dr appointments with MORE ambiguous results
    It's getting a little redundant, not even I want to listen to myself talk about this anymore.
  4. About Feeling overwhelmed by the support system I have
    Now THAT I can list about, and I will. I just can't list about it in the middle of a crowded room or I'll probably cry in public. Again. I did that once already this week, and actually it might be the first time in my adult life. (I cried over Wonder Woman as a kid so I can't say I never cried in public)
  5. About Drowning my thoughts with music
    Although I do have some killer playlists right about now. If anyone needs a mix tape, I'm your girl.
  6. About drowning my fears in alcohol
    Also, I do have some great wine recommendations now though. Becoming quite an expert at all things alcohol.
    I love listing, have you noticed? I don't inundate your feed to annoy you. I just really, really love to list. I love reading your lists, I love commenting on them. I love sharing my lists with you guys. So as wrong as it feels to list before I actually know what it is that I'm dealing with medically at the moment, it feels way more wrong not to.