1. If you know me you know I'm a film geek
    So today always starts the same. A brunch with some friends who are just as obsessed and we discuss the films, what they each mean to us and why we are so excited about the day. You all agree on one thing, la la land was inventive and surprising and will win best picture (you also think actress, cinematography, editing, music, song, design,editing, mixing and the most coveted of all awards for a film, directing) (but you're torn on the last one because you think it could go to Moonlight)
  2. There's always that ONE movie
    That stole all of our hearts. Not one of us will be upset if this ends up winning best picture because it's beautiful and magical.
  3. Somehow my heart always beats a little faster for one particular film
    And while you think it probably won't be the winner you still kind of really, really want it to win. You might cry if it wins. (But you think it might go to LaLa Land. You do, however, predict it will win writing and supporting actor)
  4. There's also the part of you
    That would very much like to see a film win that would surprise everyone and at the same time send a very important message about our society. (But at least you very much think it will win a best actor and best supporting actress)
  5. There's always at least one that would make you extremely angry if it were to win
    You honestly don't even know why it's nominated and hope it will leave without any Oscars at all. And you do wonder if your politics are the reason for this but you don't think so. You honestly didn't think it was very good at all. But you never like Mel Gibsons work so...
  6. There's probably two this year that you kind of consider undeserving
    Although your feelings on this one are extremely unresolved
  7. There's the one you really admire
    And you're really a big fan of. But you also don't think it will win and even though you feel it isn't a "best picture"(you consider yourself a critic since you've been watching the Oscars your whole life) you wouldn't mind seeing this lovely cast getting an Oscar
  8. There's that one you really liked
    That you're pretty sure will go unrecognized. But you get it, it has some strong competition. You don't even use a gif because you're not sure how many people have seen it.
  9. Then there's that brilliant film
    That's right, you said brilliant. It is, in your opinion, a brilliant film with a group of producers who you have admired for so long and have long since wanted to see recognized (Matt Damon won an Oscar for a film decades ago and has been ignored since, in your opinion, he's the new Leo) and the film was beautiful and everything about it was perfect. Even the acting. But the behind the scenes accounts have soured it although—-if it wins, you'll say "brilliant" (You predict a screenplay win)